Construction Projects Fail Because | Post 5

After your calculations and documentation are complete, you begin your project. But something bad happens. So, you must wait before you resume the construction work. In this post, you will get an overview of the reasons behind the failure of construction projects. The Short Answer - Your Plan and Implementation are way too different How can you harm your project with your hands? Well, typing a report with all the details is a respectable activity. And you can be sure about the role of good quality documentation in the approvals and other transactions. But writing down your plan is different from acting on it with integrity. No, this is not about the inevitable "Revisions" to your original estimates or strategy. Instead, you must think about the on-site execution of your promises in the proposals. So, think about the risk factors below if you want to make your construction project succeed. Cause of Construction Project Failure - Overview What is the quality of your human resou

Who are the Stakeholders in Your Construction Project? | Post 4

Different organisations contribute to your construction project. And these stakeholders can range from a single individual to an entire community. After all, a construction project includes every other discipline. Also, most of the institutions need your projects for employment, infrastructure and commerce. But you and your team depend on many more indirect helpers as well. So, this post tries to enlist them one by one. 1 | Project Manager, Management Team and other Apex Decision-makers Important stakeholders in infrastructure works are the management personnel. Because you can have all other parties interested in a project. Still, a lack of foresight can ruin it. So, poor planning skills and confused leaders cause a construction project failure. 2 | Architects, Engineers and Consulting Firms Your projects demand a technically proficient workforce. And your in-house architects, as well as the resident engineers, are important here. But some project components might require a specialist

Study of Building Plan Management System (BPMS) Maharashtra User Manual of 16 August 2017 | Only for Explanation

When surfing the web for the Civil Engineering Licence tips, I encountered BPMS. As per my understanding, it is a more organised way of building project approvals. The best part is, it is electronic in nature. You can visit the BPMS portal. [ Jump to Main Content . ] User Manual (BPMS) summary They have the User Manual which explains everything. It features the following details: New Registration for Urban Local Body (ULB) Project creation Proposal Submission Plinth Certificate guidelines Part Occupancy Certificate guide The Full Occupancy Certificate process Workflow for the Assistant Town Planners (ATP) Chief Officer's Workflow Pre-Approval and Post-Approval Payments Receipts and Documentation Management Printable Certificates Note that, in this post, I am speaking about the BPMS User Manual  only. You can find the related links in the Additional Resources section, at bottom of this post. The content of the TP Client User Manual  may or may not be studied/included here. Why write

Standard of Living is Stranded in Traffic | Post 2

Time limits make the life fun. You have a finish-line. And I am another mortal being. But when the wheel became a reality, life became fast. Even to this date, we are running. Trying to meet the goals, while we still can. Alas! The vehicles you use, occupy the space. The width of the pavement cannot suffice. Since every human is in a hurry, rules remain redundant. Amid the abundance of carbon monoxide, we breathe in the darkness. The signal turns green. The traffic accelerates. To our dismay, the snails could overtake it. See, the road designs keep the vehicle width in mind. All the different vehicle sizes are part of the design loads. That being said, nobody can foresee the potential abuse of the roadways. From the permit-less shops, to the overflowing drainage lines; the path suffers due to the accumulated garbage. Slow-moving Traffic has a huge impact on the Profits of every entity. It results in the poor productivity, slow progress and conflict. Mood Swings as well as Irritability

Population Density and Natural Resources | Post 1

If you live in a crowded area, you can understand how the available resources seem insufficient. So, you witness many vehicles trying to use the narrow roads. Then, the overall traffic velocity decreases. Today, this article must discuss the impact of population density. Also, natural resources are important in this regard. What is Population Density? As you know, density means how matter occupies a certain space in Physics. So, the concept of population density revolves around the following questions: How many people are present in a given area? How to measure this detail in a standard manner? Now, you can understand the definition of Population Density. According to, you can define Population Density as the number of individuals living in a specific location. Also, their article includes this idea for various species. But here, you learn about humans and cities. Thus, divide the number of people who live in a region by its area. And you might get a practically