Standard of Living is Stranded in Traffic | Post 2

Time limits make the life fun. You have a finish-line. And I am another mortal being. But when the wheel became a reality, life became fast. Even to this date, we are running.

Trying to meet the goals, while we still can.

Alas! The vehicles you use, occupy the space. The width of the pavement cannot suffice. Since every human is in a hurry, rules remain redundant. Amid the abundance of carbon monoxide, we breathe in the darkness.

The signal turns green. The traffic accelerates. To our dismay, the snails could overtake it.

See, the road designs keep the vehicle width in mind. All the different vehicle sizes are part of the design loads. That being said, nobody can foresee the potential abuse of the roadways.

From the permit-less shops, to the overflowing drainage lines; the path suffers due to the accumulated garbage.

Slow-moving Traffic has a huge impact on the Profits of every entity. It results in the poor productivity, slow progress and conflict. Mood Swings as well as Irritability might rise as a result.

Not a good news, right?

It is one thing to voluntarily opt for a patient path. But when you are eager to accomplish something, the minutes spent stuck in that traffic seem like the centuries.

Thus, the question arises. Is there a better way of managing the traffic? Like, a Traffic Management System. An application of the Systems Approach or Operations Research...

The time will tell, how the technologies evolve.

Till then, let's listen to some favourite music. And wait for that light, to shine the emerald green signal.

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