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Construction Projects Fail Because | Post 5

After your calculations and documentation are complete, you begin your project. But something bad happens. So, you must wait before you resume the construction work. In this post, you will get an overview of the reasons behind the failure of construction projects. The Short Answer - Your Plan and Implementation are way too different How can you harm your project with your hands? Well, typing a report with all the details is a respectable activity. And you can be sure about the role of good quality documentation in the approvals and other transactions. But writing down your plan is different from acting on it with integrity. No, this is not about the inevitable "Revisions" to your original estimates or strategy. Instead, you must think about the on-site execution of your promises in the proposals. So, think about the risk factors below if you want to make your construction project succeed. Cause of Construction Project Failure - Overview What is the quality of your human resou

Who are the Stakeholders in Your Construction Project? | Post 4

Different organisations contribute to your construction project. And these stakeholders can range from a single individual to an entire community. After all, a construction project includes every other discipline. Also, most of the institutions need your projects for employment, infrastructure and commerce. But you and your team depend on many more indirect helpers as well. So, this post tries to enlist them one by one. 1 | Project Manager, Management Team and other Apex Decision-makers Important stakeholders in infrastructure works are the management personnel. Because you can have all other parties interested in a project. Still, a lack of foresight can ruin it. So, poor planning skills and confused leaders cause a construction project failure. 2 | Architects, Engineers and Consulting Firms Your projects demand a technically proficient workforce. And your in-house architects, as well as the resident engineers, are important here. But some project components might require a specialist